Beth Fossen

Associate Professor of Marketing

Eli Lilly and Company Faculty Fellow

Co-editor, Journal of Interactive Marketing

Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

The field of marketing is transforming due to changes in technology, communications, and media environments. The central theme of my research is to understand how consumer behavior is evolving due to these changes and to address challenges that marketers are facing as a result of these changes. Within the central research theme of my work, my research program can be summarized into three distinct yet interconnected substantive domains: advertising, online behavior (e.g., online word-of-mouth (WOM), online shopping), and political marketing.

My research provides managerial insights into how decision-makers (e.g., marketers, content providers, political candidates) can improve their communication, advertising, and branding strategies. My work also has broader societal implications for stakeholders beyond marketers. For example, my research informs consumers about how media multitasking behavior is impacting their consumption behavior and also enlightens voters about how political communications – including extremism – affect their voting behavior.

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