Journal Publications

1. Fossen, Beth L., and Alexander Bleier (2021), "Online Program Engagement and Audience Size during Television Ads," Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, forthcoming.

2.Fossen, Beth L., Girish Mallapragada, and Anwesha De (2021), Impact of Political Television Advertisements on Viewers’ Response to Subsequent Advertisements,” Marketing Science, 40(2), 305-324.

3.Fossen, Beth L., David A. Schweidel, and Michael Lewis (2019), “Examining Brand Strength of Political Candidates: A Performance Premium Approach,” Customer Needs and Solutions, 6(December), 63–75.

4.Fossen, Beth L., and David A. Schweidel (2019), “Measuring the Impact of Product Placement with Brand-related Social Media Conversations and Website Traffic,” Marketing Science, 38(3), 365-541.

5.Fossen, Beth L., and David A. Schweidel (2019), “Social TV, Advertising, and Sales: Are Social Shows Good for Advertisers?,” Marketing Science, 38(2), 274-295.

6.Fossen, Beth L., Michelle Andrews, and David A. Schweidel (2017), “Sociodemographic versus Geographic Proximity in the Diffusion of Online Conversations,” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 2(2), 246-266.

7.Fossen, Beth L., and David A. Schweidel (2017), “Television Advertising and Online Word-of Mouth: An Empirical Investigation of Social TV Activity,” Marketing Science, 36(1), 105-123.


Working Papers 

1. "Effectiveness of Micro Ads on Television," with Philip Kim and Inyoung Chae

2. “Engaging the Electorate on Social Media: The Impact of Content and Audience Composition on Engagement and Follower Growth,” with David A. Schweidel

3.“The Role of Slant and Message Consistency in Political Advertising Effectiveness: Evidence from the 2016 Presidential Election,” with Donggwan Kim, David A. Schweidel, and Raphael Thomadsen

4.“Public Service Announcements on Television: Understanding What Affects Ad Viewership,” with Michelle Andrews and Inyoung Chae


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